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Knuffelwuff Dog Bed Heaven XL 100 x 90cm Extra Soft Padded

SAVEKnuffelwuff Dog Bed Heaven XL 100 x 90cm Extra Soft Padded
  • £66.23
  • was: £83.40
  • you save: £17.17 (21%)

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    Product Details

  • Product code: 4260213710820
  • Brand: Knuffelwuff
  • Model: AMZKNFEWG2
  • Binding: Misc.
  • Package Qty: 1
  • Height: 10.24 (inches)
  • Width: 27.56 (inches)
  • Length: 31.5 (inches)
  • Weight: 10.8 (pounds)


  • Very robust and scratch-proof dog bed
  • Dimensionally stable pet bed - no memory effect
  • Covers can be removed and washed
  • High Quality Materials - Amazingly Comfortable dog sofa
  • Very cuddly and soft dog bed


Dog bed Heaven - extra soft

No, we will not let you guess why we named this dog bed Heaven. We do though give you the tip
after unpacking not to lie in it yourself - as it might test your good relationship with your dog.
Your dog will not be able to part with this dog bed. The reason for this soon becomes clear.
The padding of the cushion is a splendid 16 cm and this will ensure that your four-legged friend will
not feel the hard floor any longer. The walls of this dog bed are also well padded and stable.
At the back the bed is around 35 cm high. In order to comfortable get at the front it is slightly lowered.
It has an oval shaped form.

Size: S-M
Length x Width x Height: ca. 80cm x 70cm x 26cm total
Length x Width: ca. 60cm x 50cm lying surface

Size: L-XL
Length x Width x Heigh: ca. 100cm x 90cm x 30cm total
Length x Width: ca. 80cm x 70cm lying surface

Size: XXL
Length x Width x Height: ca. 120cm x 110cm x 35cm total
Length x Width: ca. 95cm x 95cm lying surface

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